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Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 

Customer Reviews

  •   Missouri State University - L. Michelle Bowe, Department of Biology
" I just wanted to tell you about the result we've been getting with the Fast-ID DNA extraction kit.  We extracted DNA from dried herbarium specimens (ranging in age from 2-20 years).  Not only did a regular PCR (of ITS) work better with the Fast-ID extractions than with our other extractions (even of fresh tissue), but amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLs) also worked very well!  We are very pleased with the quality of the results we're getting with the Fast-ID kit, and plan to order more kits—both for research and for a molecular markers course.  This is a wonderful product."        


  •  California Plant and Seed Lab, Inc. - Sukhi Pannu, Lab Director
" For GMO testing we have been extracting genomic DNA using in house developed CTAB protocols and commercially available kits from Promega, Qiagen etc. It has been a challenge to obtain good quality DNA with high concentration. The FAST-ID kit from Genetic ID has solved this problem. We are consistently getting high quality DNA and yields between 170-180 ug/ml from flour samples of rice, corn, soybean etc. After receiving their kit and protocols, it took us very short time to optimize the kit for our use. It has been working with excellent consistency in our hands. We are able to save lots of time by processing large number of samples in short amount of time. We have also successfully isolated good quality DNA from strawberry leaf and several vegetable crops."      


  •  Microbe Inotech Laboratories - Dr. Bruce Hemming 
" Microbe Inotech Laboratories has developed a real-time quantitative PCR assay for environmental Mycobacteria, in particular, M. immunogenum which species is frequently found in metal-working fluids. In running this assay on environmental bacteria extracted from various formulations and matrices, we performed many in-house tests of various DNA extraction protocols for both manual and automated methods. Using commercially available kits from EpiCentre Biotechnologies, Promega, Qiagen, MoBio and FAST-ID as well as others, we found the FAST-ID kit from Genetic ID to function superbly for typically difficult mycobacterial isolates. No other kit out-performed FAST-ID in terms of DNA Yield and Efficiency, with the resultant harvested material providing a quality starting material for qPCR. When then examined in terms of cost of goods, FAST-ID is a definite leader."  


  •  Arkansas Tech University - Dr. Tsunemi Yamashita
" The FAST-ID materials allowed our lab to easily extract good genomic DNA from alcohol preserved fish samples and scorpions. The instructions are easy to read and understand. The technical assistance from the company is fast and to the point. We’ve encountered no difficulties with the procedures, and the undergraduate research students follow the guidelines easily. I plan to continue our lab’s use of FAST-ID. "      


  •  Indiana University South East - Dr. Gretchen Kirchner, Professor of Biology 
" My PCR amplification results were very good on the FAST-ID DNA prep of herbarium leaves. I obtained excellent amplification on a positive control dried leaf and discernable PCR product on a leaf we had NOT been able to get DNA which allowed us to obtain PCR product from previously (I am sure it is the nature of that particular plant specimen. "